Lindsay Boccardo- Stop Managing Your Millennials: Why Building Multi-Generational Teams is the Future of Work

March 02, 2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Ramada Plaza and Conference Center
305 E Washington Center Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
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Generations misunderstanding each other is not a new problem. In fact, every generation thinks the one that comes after them is less competent, more entitled or harder to work with.  ​The good news is that no one generation is broken. No single generation of employees is in the wrong. Maslow’s famous hierarchy tells us all humans have the same internal drivers—but we’re realizing now that our needs manifest themselves differently depending on the year someone was born.

According to a 2019 study, multi-generational teams with a range of 25 years or more from youngest to oldest meet or exceed expectations 73% of the time. Those with a narrow range of less than 10 years did so only 35% of the time. The future of work is truly about inclusion. Leadership acumen is measured by a person’s ability to transform diverse groups of humans into cohesive, effective and compassionate teams.  In this interactive session, Lindsay will guide a conversation about generational differences over the five decades of employees in today’s workforce. Together, attendees will examine experiences they had growing up and how those directly affect their relationships at work.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What happens to the growth of the organizations who don’t engage each generation
  • Why the divide exists between different generations
  • What motivates employment decisions, regardless of age
  • How you can increase the positive impact of a multi-generational workforce in your business
  • What future young employees will be looking for in your company culture



    Lindsay Boccardo

For nearly a decade, Lindsay has been coaching, researching and developing programs for
millennials. She loves working with young talent and the organizations that employ them. Lindsay
is the creator of “Unleash My Career,” an online course that has trained hundreds of talented
leaders on the process of designing a career they love.

Lindsay earned a degree in psychology and public communication from Syracuse University, and
a professional coaching certification through the International Coach Federation.

In her work, Lindsay has partnered with organizations such as, Patachou, Inc. and the
Indiana Supreme Court, and works frequently with both college campuses and companies of all
sizes to enhance their millennial culture.

By providing education and training through one-on-one programs, group training and keynote
speeches around the country, Lindsay empowers young employees to feel more prepared as they
enter the workforce and helps them develop into the top talent in their organization.


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